A moment like this

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I truly believe that PR is one of the most dynamic industries to work in. With every different client comes a whole new set of opportunities – it’s fast-paced and challenging. That said, there are occasional moments of stillness when you’re privy to some truly amazing encounters, which are even more rewarding.

That was the case last week, as I sat on a couch in the living room of Annette Thomas’ house in Didsbury, whilst filming a piece for Channel 5 news.

Annette is one of many remarkable women I have met through working with The Genesis Appeal, the UK’s only charity dedicated entirely to the prevention of breast cancer.

I’ve worked with Genesis for some time now: I’ve read the case study biographies, spoken to the specialists, attended the fundraisers and met some incredibly inspiring people. Nothing compared however, to sitting in Annette’s living room and hearing her story first hand.

Hearing her voice as she mentioned both her mother’s and sister’s battle with breast cancer, living with the fear that her breasts ‘were the enemy‘, finally making the decision to take preventative measures – it was incredibly humbling.

With so much of my attention focused on raising awareness of the charity, I had forgotten the enormity of what every woman touched by this horrible disease has gone through.

It was her positive attitude, her outlook that really took me. This lady has been on an incredible journey. She now works to help other women who face the same or similar situations as an assistant mammographer, and by promoting The Genesis Appeal – teaching other women how they can reduce their chances of developing breast cancer.

She’s inspiring to so many and certainly to me. She reminded me how lucky I am to be able to work on projects that really make a difference and really matter – thank you Annette.