A quick guide to chatbots

A quick guide to chatbots

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What on earth are chatbots?!

Well, it’s complicated but in simplistic terms, a chatbot is the functionality to ‘chat’ with people. This enables a more personalised service without you having to man an app, messaging service, social page or website 24/7.

But here’s the clever bit…

Using artificial intelligence (AI), a chatbot can answer and adapt to your response – it understands language not just commands. It can look at previous strings of user data and find smart answers to typical questions and then go beyond to figure out the next step if you exceed its knowledge data bank – think FAQs but 100 times smarter.

So, why all the noise?

As the way in which we use digital media gallops faster and faster, chatbots represent a landmark on the high-speed journey we’re all trying to keep up with. With voice recognition applications such as SIRI, Cortana and Google Assistant improving all the time, the technology is moving rapidly towards voice search and command in a way that could actually replace keyboard interfaces.

Chatbots working with AI will enable not just quicker retrieval of data, but intelligent search and solution provision. At this infantile stage it manifests as text data, however it’s not to be discounted.

Interaction and engagement are key components of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) and the reason marketers are getting excited about chatbots is the opportunity they provide to improve both. OK, so we’ve not seen anything dramatic as yet, but 2017 is being teed up as the year it could really take off.

Imagine being able to have a shopping list suggested to you based on your previous shopping data. What if you could then amend the list verbally and send it with a command to your partner so they can pick up the weekly shop? Or better still, to another chatbot that could go and order it online for you?

The initial practical application of chatbots goes way beyond automated customer service and into anywhere that your imagination can reach.

If you want advice on how chatbots could improve your business, drop us a line and let’s chat?

(We promise this one will be a human, not a bot).