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As part of Twitter’s strategy to position itself as the go-to media platform for 2015, the social media giant has announced plans to launch a native video platform in the first half of the year.

Said to be one of Twitter’s most substantial updates for some time, the video capability is set to get users creating and sharing videos, in the hope that it will become the world’s first port of call for news and marketing – increasing its monthly active users from the already astonishing figure of 271 million.

Jumping on Instagram and Snapchat’s native video-bandwagon, Facebook made a similar push in 2014 – with users now watching more than a billion clips a day across the site.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB), video marketing grew by 59 per cent in the first half of 2014 alone, confirming the power of digital. This fact was echoed in our Top 50 Shareable Facebook Posts 2014 blog, with seven of the top ten posts containing video content.

A favourite brand video of mine formed part of Dove’s real beauty sketches YouTube campaign, which saw viral success in 2013. In its first month online the video had more than 114 million views across 110 countries and was translated into 25 different languages.

Brands apparently only have a six-second window to capture their audience; videos do just this by feeding consumers’ appetite for emotive and memorable content. The key is to provide consumers with digestible information to make it more shareable, to provoke discussion and – fingers crossed – ensure it goes viral.

We’ll have to wait and see what the Twitter video player looks like. Keep your eyes on this link – it’s currently a restricted access page, but is said to be the video player’s new home