An election to remember…

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I left work last night and Parliament was well and truly hung; by the time I got home, a new PM was courting the Queen.

They’re funny times that we live in. For me, this election has been the busiest, most relevant and most divisive that I’ve lived through. Facebook status were updated and politics was debated like never before: on TV, via Twitter and on the street corner. This might have something to do with moving up in the age category tick-box, but you don’t have to be a political genius to see that this ‘post 2.0’ election has been the one where people have suddenly started to care.

The three party leaders debated on TV, Gordo ruffled feathers in Rochdale and ‘Cleggmania’ swept the nation (albeit leading to ripples rather than waves in the ensuing results), not to mention a cringe-worthy, but compelling SKY interview with Alistair Campbell.

When I took to the polling station last week, it was with true emotion that I put a tick in the box – touched by the turn-out and droves of people who, white card in hand, were making the same walk as I was.

It was, therefore, a bit of an anti-climax when DC greeted the Queen last night; his new number two later unveiled as ‘Cleggo’ (he who had actually come a paltry third in the overall results).

No doubt the results of this election will have major ramifications on the way we vote in this country. We may not have elected our new PM with a resounding YES, but if this election has been the one that has got people on their feet, then these are relevant and true times to have our say.