Another PR achievement? We’d like to think so

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As PR consultants, we’re a creative bunch of people who enjoy developing ideas that will grab attention. We’re also self-confessed word geeks who have lots of fun playing around with syntax and grammar. My name’s Lucy and I’m a word geek. There – I’ve said it.

We love coining a new phrase and generating excitement around a totally new and previously unheard-of concept. With that in mind, you can probably imagine our excitement when we read in today’s papers that over a thousand ‘new’ terms have recently been added to Oxford Dictionaries Online. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the PR industry would like to claim some of the credit for this, as many of these new words are likely to have been created as part of a PR campaign.

The new additions include ‘tanorexia’, meaning an addiction to fake-tanning, and ‘scareware’, the name given to programmes that’ll harm your computer. One of our favourite new words is ‘bloggable’ – the term for a subject that’s worth writing a blog about.

I can’t wait to log on to my laptop and look again at the latest version of the dictionary. I’m up to ‘S’ already and my favourite new word so far has to be ‘starchitect’, meaning a famous and well-known architect.

What’s your favourite new word?