Apostrophe pedants unite!

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I salute Stefan Gatward of Tunbridge Wells who, having been tortured daily by a misspelt road sign, has taken matters into his own hands.  The former solider has resorted to vigilante action by painting on the apostrophe in St John’s Close.

It’s gratifying to see that the poor apostrophe is still respected by die-hard sticklers for grammatical accuracy.  From my vantage point as head of a PR agency, however, the scale of ignorance is grindingly depressing.

It seems that an alarming – and growing – number of would-be and actual PR practitioners have very little grasp of how to punctuate a sentence.

At Peppermint PR, we ask all potential employees to complete a straightforward copy test.  Some of the results have been, frankly, eye-watering: all the more so, given the seniority of many of the candidates.

As PR consultants, our currency is the written word.  We have an obligation to get it right.  Full stop.