Are PR degrees a waste of time?

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Research published in PR Week today shows that most agency bosses aren’t overly impressed by a PR degree.   I can’t say I’m surprised.  Unquestionably, there are some outstanding consultants around who’ve emerged with a PR degree. However, I do question the value of spending three years learning about our industry, especially when – in far too many cases – it doesn’t even guarantee that someone can draft a basic press release in correct English.

Let’s face it: PR is a long way from rocket science.  In the right environment, an intelligent, articulate individual with bags of personality and drive can pick up the ropes in next to no time.

Now, what really gets my goat is a degree followed immediately – and with no attempt to get stuck into an actual job – by an MA in PR .  Not only a colossal waste of time, but an utterly pointless exercise in vanity.  Last week I was called by a candidate with a sum total of zero agency experience, boasting of her MA in PR .  She wanted to know at what level she would start at if she joined us and was somewhat miffed when I gave my answer.  At the bottom.