Are social networking sites turning kids’ brains to mush?

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Some might dismiss as alarmist the warnings of neuroscientist Susan Greenfield about social networking turning kids’ brains to mush.  My worry is she might be right.  It’s naïve to believe that the unprecedented, seismic changes in the way kids spend their time and interact with each other will have no effects on their long-term outlook and behaviour.

It’s not hard to spot the early warning signs.  Blank-eyed kids who – unless wired to a screen – are listless, bored, lost. Zero attention span and even less imagination. Kids who are unable to engage in conversation as we know it and who communicate only through meaningless on-screen messaging.   Is it so outlandish to suspect that we’re running the risk of actually rewiring young brains?

This is a frighteningly slippery slope.  What, I wonder, will these individuals be like a few years down the line when they enter the world of work? Can we expect hordes of grunting, monosyllabic none-entities?