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Freelance writer Paul Smith was able to travel across the globe for free – using only Twitter as a means of securing travel and accommodation. In a display of social media power, Paul was given a complimentary flight by Air New Zealand, accessed a celeb-filled fashion week party in Hollywood, and appeared on Good Morning America. His globe-trotting quest was given a jump-start by celebrity tweeter Stephen Fry, who highlighted Paul’s ambition.

According to our client – a flight comparison website – the same trip done by plane, and crucially, without Twitter, would have cost over four and a half thousand pounds. And that’s even when booking the cheapest available flight.

Paul’s round-the-world tour isn’t the only mega-freebie that social media has been responsible for. In July, bride Emma Collins bagged a £20,000 dream-wedding from strangers for nothing – all thanks to Facebook.

Both of these stories demonstrate the truly global reach of social media – from Stewart Island, population 400, where Paul Smith’s journey ended; to Abertridwr, South Wales where Emma Collins tied the knot. It makes you wonder what can be achieved with a bit of tenacity and a bit more cheek. I’m off to make friends with Stephen Fry…