As the World Cup kicks off, so does the coverage.

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Wayne Rooney with a Sound Asleep PillowUnless you’ve been hiding under a large rock, you’ll be well aware that the World Cup kicks-off in a few days’ time. Like me, you’ll be used to hearing words like ‘mania’, ‘madness’ and ‘fever’ being thrown around the media along with pages and pages of the familiar footballing faces and their wags.

It may be a display of the world’s finest athletic talent, skill and showmanship on the pitch but outside of the sports pages, the main focus of the World Cup will be on what’s happening off the pitch. I’m talking who wore what, who drove what, who ate where – you get the picture. Every public relations agency will be looking to get its clients a bite of the World Cup cherry.

Not to make a complete generalisation, but let’s face it, PR is predominantly a female industry. And most females, excluding our own self-confessed footie-lover Jane, simply don’t give a hoot about the beautiful game. We’re much more interested in the beautiful guys and gals and how, when it comes to endorsement, they have the golden touch.

We’re no exception – last week Wayne Rooney was seen stepping off the plane onto African soil clutching a Sound Asleep pillow, a product from our own client Comfy Quilts. Cue £££s of amazing national coverage.

Christmas, Bank Holidays, elections, awards ceremonies, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day – if it’s on the calendar, it’s a potential PR story. I’m sure here at Peppermint PR we’re not the only ones with our ears to the ground, or rather eyes to the papers, hunting for the next hook.