Aviva wants YOU

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Ever since Gok Wan’s ‘How to look good naked’ had the naked bodies of its contestants projected onto the side of buildings, I’ve been curious about what the future of advertising might hold. And it seems that now, the faces of random members of the public are going to get, well, more public. Interested? Just ask Aviva.

The insurance group has vowed to project the face of anyone daring enough, onto the most prestigious buildings in London, Paris and Singapore – albeit with their clothes on.

The ‘You are the big picture’ campaign is being taken quite literally, with members of the public replacing previous brand ambassadors Ringo Starr and Bruce Willis. There is even an incentive being offered, with £1 given to the first 250,000 people who upload pictures.

Would-be models are invited to send their photos to Aviva, and, after an extensive moderation process, those selected will not only have their faces plastered across major cities, but also streamed to YouTube too.

The global brand ad campaign is designed to engage with the younger generation. Aviva feels that bringing social media into the mix will succeed where traditional advertising has failed, especially now that trust in insurance companies is thin on the ground.

I just hope Ringo Starr and Bruce Willis aren’t too miffed by the news they’re being replaced by the great unwashed.