Baby branding bandwagon

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After months of great anticipation Prince George VII was born on Tuesday 22 July 2013 at 16.24 BST.

It wasn’t just William and Kate who’d been preparing for the Royal arrival, brands had been planning months ahead for their response once the baby news finally broke.

For example, as highlighted in Tuesday’s blog, the national press had their headlines (or puns rather) at the ready, though ‘The Son’ unsurprisingly went one step further.

Always fans of fine work, we’ve compiled our top five #RoyalBaby marketing brands:

1. Oreo

Once again, Oreo has come up trumps with a great social media response. Posting a picture of a bottle and an Oreo, with the strapline ‘prepare the royal bottle service!’

2. Game

Game suggests you don’t need to be Royal to own a kingdom. This is a nice angle in-line with its product offering and isn’t a brand you’d think would have responded to the Royal arrival.

3. Venture

Venture Photography understands the importance of capturing precious moments like a new addition to the family. It launched a Twitter competition, where followers tweet pictures of their newborns to win a photo shoot.

4. B&Q

B&Q depicted a baby-proofed Buckingham Palace – this was a nice reference to its advertising message of ‘you can do it’, but tweaked to ‘one can do it’

5. Coca-Cola

Finally, no brand analysis is complete without one of the biggest global players. Coke sent its congratulations to the couple on Twitter by posting a picture with the message ‘share a coke with Wills and Kate’. It also used the summer campaign #shareacoke. Again another savvy brand keeping its response to the #RoyalBaby in-line with its marketing strategy.

What are your bets that there’ll still be more to follow on the back of baby Cambridge being named George…