Barack who?

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Dancing on Ice winner Suzanne Shaw’s recent admission that she had heard of neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama was amusing but, sadly, not surprising. More perturbing is the number of young women hungry for a career in the media sector who have zero knowledge – or the merest interest in – even the most significant world affairs.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve interviewed people who consider themselves perfectly placed for a career in PR…but who almost never read a decent newspaper, bar perhaps buying the Guardian once a week because they’ve been told to read the media pages. It’s rare to find a bloke who’ll concede that they’re ignorant of current affairs. Yet a baffling proportion of young women cheerfully admit that they are happily oblivious to anything that does not appear with a jolly photo in Grazia or Heat. That may be fine for someone who earns their crust by wearing a frilly miniskirt…but for someone purporting to be a PR practitioner???

Come on girls. It behoves us all as serious PR consultants – whether we’re representing consumer or business to business interests – to cultivate an informed view of the world we live in.

And no, I didn’t offer any of those candidates a job.