Battery kids will make bad businesspeople

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Will our cotton-wool kids grow up into rubbish business people? The entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe, of Yo Sushi fame, certainly thinks so – and I couldn’t agree more. Radical changes to childhood are producing a lilly-livered generation of battery kids who are cocooned from even the most negligible risk.

A successful entrepreneur needs to take risks, push themselves and others to their limits and show unlimited reserves of initiative and imagination.  Those are all qualities which need to be allowed to flourish in childhood.   Swopping a screen for real life experiences and keeping kids indoors safe – and sedentary – stifles drive and kills creativity.   It’s hard to imagine these slack-jawed screen addicts blossoming into the pioneering British entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

On the homefront, I’ve made my own small stand for freerange childhood by shoving my little boys out the door to make short trips (gasp!) by themselves. Walking to the local shop or a friend’s house is something entirely normal that any child of a reasonable age should be able to do.  Yet, in our skewed world, it has somehow morphed into an act of unspeakable danger.

The real danger is what our nation’s obsession with health and safety is doing to the next generation.