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When it comes to planning her big day, every bride-to-be knows that time is of the essence. Whether it’s booking the venue two years in advance or selecting ‘the’ dress months and months before it’s time to say ‘I do’, detail is the key.

So, when a young couple from Cardiff had just 123 days to plan their nuptials, they called in help from local businesses by asking them to donate goods and services. While the WAGs and pop princesses of the world may sell the rights to their weddings to the likes of OK! magazine, Ben Sherwin and his fiancée, Sam Moseley, have sold their special day to a raft of small companies, including a photographer, stationer and wedding planner.

As a result of their money-saving tactics, the couple have been featured across the national media – with all their generous benefactors in tow.

While it’s a fun, quirky news story for the red tops, it also serves as additional PR for the businesses who have donated their talents as they all get a namecheck in the press. Companies which might have otherwise relied on local advertising or word of mouth for growing their client base, are now spelled out loud and clear in national newspapers such as the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail.

The couple, who had to fast-track their plans before the groom’s sister moved to Australia, promoted all the companies which lent a hand on their blog, ‘123 Day Wedding’, and claim that they’ve already had to turn down some firms because they have received so much support from local businesses.

They’re still on the hunt for an evening caterer, hairdresser, band and venue decorator and – judging by the coverage in today’s news – we’re sure it won’t take long for the offers to start flooding in from brands eager to get involved in the project (and fill the column inches of the nationals).