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When it comes to social networks, everyone has their favourite – it may be that you just love to tell your Facebook pals what you’ve been up to that day, or perhaps a good old debate on Twitter ticks your boxes. For some, Instagram is where it’s at, with its arty angles and airbrush-esque filters.

While we’re almost bombarded with advertising on Facebook and Twitter these days, Instagram has managed to keep an air of authenticity about it, giving users a sense of exclusivity and ownership.

However, last week, Airbnb became one of the first brands to adopt the site’s new carousel format. The new style allows companies to post multiple images onto a single post with a ‘learn more’ tool taking the user directly to the brand’s website.

The travel accommodation giant is trialling the concept as part of its wider ‘Never A Stranger’ campaign, which promotes community and friendship. The idea is to allay people’s fears about staying in strangers’ homes while on their travels and to promote a sense of adventure.

It seems Instagram’s new tool has given the brand the perfect platform to showcase its offering and, more importantly, its story. However, it’s important that businesses – large or small – think strategically about how they play this one and avoid flooding users with ad after ad.

In many people’s eyes, Instagram has always been a cut above the rest, so it’s important that this new format doesn’t harm that opinion. When it comes to posting on social media, it’s very rarely a ‘one size fits all’ matter, and that’s especially true when differentiating between Twitter and Instagram, for example.

With this in mind, brands should take a little bit of time to think about their plan of attack before hopping aboard this carousel with Airbnb!