Britain’s best brands – that’s if you live in Kensington

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The verdict’s in and apparently Britain’s best-loved brand is: Mercedes. That’s one before Rolex, six before BMW, nine before Jaguar and 11 before Royal Doulton – who did they ask?

I’m assuming it wasn’t the average man on the street, given that the Royal Albert Hall and British Airways also made the list. Only last month, the BBC (in at three) was accused of being too middle class in its choice of comedy – this list is unlikely to paint a different picture of modern day Britain.

Admittedly, while there is a smattering of predictable entries – Apple, Microsoft, M&S and Google – it’s hard to believe that this is a genuine reflection of what we all love. If you believe the Centre for Brand Analysis, which carried out the survey, then we’re all opera-loving, fast car-driving Brits. Recession? What recession?

On a serious note, what this list does highlight is the value we place on longevity, reliability and good quality. Gimmicks are great headline-grabbers, but the veneer of publicity will only last if it comes from a business that has strong values and a firm commitment to delivering consistently for its customers. Mercedes has been doing this for 125 years, so perhaps it does deserve its place at the top of the list.