Cameron gives a lesson in the art of communication

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I’ve recently undergone a bout of psychometric profiling to decipher my personality! The behavioural analyst – who explained what make up people’s characters – warned me: ‘you’ll start to watch everyone now to try and work out their personalities’; how right she was!

There’s no greater profiling target than an MP… and the Tory leader at that. As I sat and watched David Cameron flex his political muscles after being invited by a client to a West Midlands business leaders’ lunch, I marvelled at his ultra polished performance and tried to rank him on the ‘1-9 vector scale’ for assertiveness, sociability, calmness and conformity.

What quickly became apparent – from my brief lesson in psychometrics and years of watching MPs on the public stage – is that it’s difficult to tell whether his performance was his actual ‘self’ or the ‘role’ he takes on.

My own scoring in both circumstances is apparently rather similar; I’m not sure the same can be said for Mr Cameron. I imagine his communications team, scattered around the room, looked on with approval as he remained on message, whilst dropping in a dash of humour and self-mocking at perfectly timed intervals.

The art of communication is a difficult one to master, particularly in front of a crowded room of businesspeople with an axe to grind. While staunch Labour and Lib Dem supporters were probably less than convinced by his performance, as a public relations professional I thought he delivered it with real aplomb. I’m still trying to figure out where he ranks on the psychometric scale. But, like many MPs, his ability to promote the Tory brand is definitely one to admire.