Can Manchester PR consultancies compete with London? Too right we can!

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A couple of weeks ago, PR consultant Adam Clyne, a Mancunian who has relocated to London, posted a provocative blog questioning whether we in Manchester can ever really compete with our southern counterparts.

At the time, my take on the matter – cited in the blog – was that the whole Manchester vs London debate is irrelevant, as there are world-class consultancies in both cities.

Today, I take more than a little pride in the fact that our ‘provincial’ consultancy (not even – horror – based in Manchester city centre, but in leafy Cheshire) has proved that point.

You see, the Peppermint team is in an extra sparky mood as we toast our best ‘Consumer’ award at last night’s Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) Awards at the Park Lane Hilton. The win was for our ‘Rooney is England’s Best Snorer’  campaign for Sound Asleep. The company saw unit sales of its Sound Asleep Pillow increase by 3,300 per cent in one week, thanks to blanket national coverage of Wayne Rooney pictured with the pillow.

As the only independent Northern agency to receive any nominations at the awards, we were up against London’s biggest and best. And we won. Yes, we did.

When push comes to shove, it’s not your postcode or number of employees that count. Sky-high energy, super-sized thinking and a steely determination to secure the very best results are what truly matter.

Peppermint is proud to be one of a number of Manchester consultancies which have these qualities in spades – true, many of the southern-based big brand clients may not yet have woken up to that fact. However, with MediaCityUK  about to cement Manchester’s place as a cutting-edge media and creative hub, the view that Manchester’s PR sector is London’s poor relation might well start to look a little past its sell-by-date.