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I’m never surprised at that the lengths that Hollywood will go to to promote its latest blockbusters. However, during a quick perusal of the worldwide web today, I was shocked…I’d even go as far to say, I was a little scared!

The team behind this month’s must-see horror movie – Devil’s Due – caused havoc on the streets of New York, as they set loose a possessed, robotic ‘demon’ baby to scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting pedestrians. This, of course, was all filmed for our viewing pleasure.

Now, they do say never work with animals or children (robotic or possessed). However, in this instance, it looks as if the scary stunt has paid off. The video, uploaded today, has now received more the 6million views and garnered coverage across the globe, including The Daily Telegraph, The Independent and Metro.

It certainly isn’t the first time Tinsel Town has turned to shocking stunts to promote its silver screen debuts.  Hitchcock marked the release of the avian horror flick ‘The Birds’, in 1963, by installing giant feed trays across the New York skyline to help mimic the film’s terrifying plot. Think of all the bird droppings!

Promoters of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible wired motion activated musical boxes to newspapers stands around LA to surprise people with the iconic theme tune. However, one of the mysterious devices caused alarm, resulting in the LA bomb squad blowing up a newsstand as a precaution – that’s PR money can’t buy.

That being said, the latter ‘hiccup’ and Devil’s Due video, do pose a moral question to me…how far is too far for a PR stunt? Imagine if an elderly passerby suffered a heart attack, or a bystander jumped back in shock landing through a pane of glass, or into the road? Surely, in a nation that’s so hot to sue, these variables must pass through the PR’s mind?

However you view these stunts, the end results really do speak for themselves – even if not a bit of a gamble on the moral grounds.