Christmas – it’s been a long time coming

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As all good consumer PR consultants know, Christmas starts in July, so by now we’re itching with excitement at the thought of finally getting to pull a few crackers and unwrap some pressies.

In the summer, when everyone else is planning escapes to warmer climes and licking ice lollies, we’re creating news hooks around our clients’ festive products and calling journalists to talk through every gift guide in the land.

Yet again the hard work has paid off as the fruits of our labour flood in and clients’ sales soar – Sound Asleep’s new speaker blanket even sold out. With newspapers, magazines, supplements, online and TV coverage in the bag we’re happy knowing we’ve done the best we could.

As coverage poured in it was time for us Peppermints to let our hair down and kick off our celebrations. With mulled wine and a Heston Blumenthal Christmas pudding in our bellies, we ripped open our secret Santa gifts. Owen lucked out with his sexy Mrs Claus socks, with added bobbles in both the right places! Next we headed for a delectable meal at new favourite eatery – Stock – where the party tricks flowed almost as much as the wine…

So, taking one final glance over our shoulders at the festivities, we’re giddily looking forward to heading home to enjoy the ‘real’ Christmas.

We wish a fond farewell to 2010 and raise a glass to a cracking 2011!