Classical tweets – sacrilegious or inspired?

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Is condensing classic works of literature into 140-character ‘tweets’ sacrilegious or inspired genius?

On the one hand, I marvel at how writer Tim Collins has used the micro-blogging site to educate the masses on classics by Charles Dickens and D H Lawrence – it’s yet another example of the new possibilities that the online platform can provide when smudging art with technology.

Yet on the other, I’m somehow appalled that the long, hard toil of the world’s greatest novelists could be swiftly chopped into one line, eradicating hundreds of pages of perfectly presented prose. While something short and sweet may suit the busy and restless, these works represent significant moments in literary history that cannot be defined in 140-characters.

I doubt Collins’ efforts will sound the death knell of libraries or impact on the national curriculum. But is this another sign of the rapid decline in the nation’s attention span as we whizz from A to B and back again?