Communication’s next big thing

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Being part of a generation that is zooming through a ‘communications revolution’ is really something quite exciting. Whether it’s pagers and texts, or apps and facetime, we’re getting to experience it all.

I’m at an age when I’m young enough to remember the first texting craze (oh the memories of playing in the playground on my Siemens C45), but I’m also old enough to recall my fascination with the dial on my grandma’s rotary phone.

Recently, Skype has also become a massive part of the way in which I communicate with the world. With family living across the globe,  face-to-face time has become quite a rarity. The communications platform has significantly improved the way we keep in touch and more importantly makes that distance seem shorter – you’ve got to admit, it’s so much better seeing a smile rather than just ‘hearing’ it.

It got me to thinking about how we ever got along before such technological advances came into force, and just what exactly the next big thing will be to shake up the way in which we communicate?

American researchers have already started to develop technologies that can project life-size 3D hologram images across the world. This software, currently named TeleHuman, requires a six-foot tall glass tube with a convex mirror inside and a 3D projector. Simple hey? Maybe not…

However, in the near future, I can see this developing across smaller platforms, and, over the years, even onto our mobile handsets. Communications technologies have rapidly evolved, so I guess it won’t be too long until Princess Lea’s cry for help becomes a reality – let’s just hope we don’t get stuck on a loop.

I, for one, welcome the day when we’re virtually hugging our loved ones and shaking hands with clients all over the world.