Could phweeters prove more popular than tweeters?

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I’m loving this phweeting (phony tweeting) phenomenon.

Celebrity-inspired Twitter accounts – which set out to amuse, rather than deceive – are increasingly proving to be more popular than their ‘official’ counterparts.

With X Factor’s Katie Waissel (@katiewaissel24) tweeting fluffy statements like “Goodmorning everyone!!have a wonderful day and don’t forget to ROCK IT!!!!xx”, and her phweeting counterfeit, @katieweasel, broadcasting humorous little bites such as “Mary Byrne singing a song from movie ‘Pearl Harbour’. Song from a movie that was a disaster about a disaster…can’t see what could go wrong” – whose follow button would you gravitate to?

With over 40,000 followers, Cheryl Cole’s phweeter, @cherylkerl, has proved a huge viral sensation. As well as scoring a double-page hit in the Sunday Mirror, this web joker has had his phonetically-spelt Geordie tweets read out almost daily on Radio 2.

Initially, thousands of Twitter-users were hanging on their idol’s every tweet. For the first time, Jo Public was able to follow the lives of the rich and famous day-in-day-out and simply couldn’t get enough. Could it be that the Twitter nation has finally tired of reading what their favourite celeb has just ordered from Starbucks?

Great phweeters need to stick with it and continue to fill our Twitter page with stimulating tweets. Past phweeters, such as @hasselhoff and @alberteinstein, have often lost interest and let their profiles go stale.

Have @katieweasel and @cherylkerl got the phweet-factor? Only time will tell…