Creativity on tap?

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At Peppermint, we’re always brainstorming and challenging each other to come up with the most creative ideas for our clients.

Like many, the best ideas often crop up when you least expect them to, whether it’s an impromptu brainstorm on the train, working out at the gym or brushing our teeth.

It seems we’re in good company. There have been some great spur of the moment inventions over the centuries, thought up during flashes of inspiration. Here’s a few of our favourite foodie ones:

An American called Frank Epperson came up with the idea of ice lollies, after leaving a drink outside in the cold overnight.

Another cold treat that was thought up unexpectedly is the ice cream cone. On a hot day in 1904, so many ice creams were sold at the World Fair that they ran out of dishes. In the heat of the moment, organisers panicked and started serving ice cream in thin waffles.

In addition, artificial sweeteners were developed by Chemist Constantin Fahlberg, who forgot to wash his hands after a day at the office. Covered in coal tar, he went home and ate his tea, which tasted surprisingly sweet. And the idea of sweetener was born.

As history shows, a great idea can present itself even in the most mundane circumstances. However, as impressive an invention as sweetener is, we’re going to leave the coal tar and non-hand washing to one side before embarking on the next round of brainstorms.