Crunch time for Apple

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Less than an hour to go until Apple faces a room packed full of journalists attempt to salvage its latest backlash against the newly launched iPhone 4.

The technology giant is facing complaints that its new phone, which 1.7 million people snapped up in the first two days of its launch, has appalling aerial signal.

The brand has achieved cult status and its reputation is at the very core. The latest uproar has sparked heated debate as to whether it could be the end of the public love affair with the brand. The fact is that we pay a premium for Apple’s products and expect them to operate on a first-class level.

Some believe Apple is losing its touch but a genuine apology and speedy resolution (most likely a recall) could avert a Toyota style PR crisis.  Whatever’s said this evening needs to be credible and effective without a whiff of scripted PR puffery or Apple’s reputation will be in for a juicing.

In the meantime BP will be breathing a small sigh of relief as it takes the heat of them for a day or two…