Do you ‘LoveIt’ or have you lost your ‘Pinterest’?

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Pinterest burst onto our computer screens in a big way at the beginning of the year and got us all, well, pinning.

The site allows you to pin any image from cyberspace on to a virtual pinboard resulting in super pretty online moodboards around your own themes, events, interests or whatever else you fancy! The photo sharing keeps it social as people follow like-minded ‘pinners’ and unique visitor numbers are bobbing around the 30 million per month mark.

People love how visual it is and it appeals to the wallflowers among us (ok, not me!) who haven’t ever taken to sites like Twitter.  However, if the ever-expanding Pinterest is such a force to be reckoned with, then what does lookalike LoveIt have to offer?

LoveIt works to identify your specific interests and pulls images to your account based on what it finds. It also allows you to keep collections private, so you can grow access to friends and family or share concepts with a client in secret. Pinterest has also had problems with not crediting original sources, whereas LoveIt will do this automatically and dispel any copyright issues, also boosting the chances of this leading to a sale for any product stockists. It’s still very early days for both sites, so the jury’s still out on how they’ll mature and make money – hmmm, pinteresting!