Event marketing: 6 ways it opens up new business leads

Event marketing: 6 ways it opens up new business leads

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Online marketing, traditional PR and advertising are excellent methods of increasing brand visibility and driving new business. But to really get your brand noticed and achieve maximum return on your marketing investment, there are other physical things that you can integrate to help you achieve the best results for your marketing department and business as a whole.

We’re talking here about event marketing. This is where brands organise and manage their own events, inviting potential customers and clients – as well as existing ones–to mingle with one another.

These events can take many different forms – from seminars, informative talks, workshops and training sessions right through to product launches or appearances at trade shows.

Event marketing works. Here are the ways in which it will benefit your business.

1. It provides excellent brand exposure

Promoting your event through social media channels will put you in the limelight. It will catch people’s attention and if you run events regularly, you’ll get noticed and even develop brand advocates who attend regularly and talk about their experiences positively online.

2. You’ll become a thought leader

Your business will be a treasure trove of useful information that’s too good not to share. Sharing little nuggets of information at training sessions will demonstrate your knowledge, help you build trust and become a thought leader. People will think: “Hey, they know what they’re talking about!”

3. Face-to-face meetings are invaluable

In the world of corporate events, there’s nothing better than actually getting in a room with potential business leads that you’ve had your eye on for a while. Hosting your own event allows you to do just that. Then, if you impress them, hey presto! You’ll be on your way to having a steady stream of new clients or customers.

4. They provide excellent networking opportunities for all

Events don’t just offer networking opportunities for your business; they are great for getting your entire customer base in a room together and ensuring they can get to know one another.

This means you can be in the centre of a growing community of like-minded businesses and individuals.

Once aware of one another, business advisors, for example, can work together in the future to improve their business offerings, while promoting best practice across the industry.

5. They’re excellent for data capture

Even if you don’t manage a face-to-face introduction, capturing attendee information at the event and utilising sign-up data for email marketing, for instance, are other methods of boosting your marketing activity.

6. It feeds nicely into your other marketing

Event marketing feeds into social media, search engine optimisation and absolutely every other type of marketing you may employ to get your name out there.

If you’re looking to strengthen your marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere, our post on how you can find your business’s voice on social media is essential reading.

Link building is still central to SEO and visibility. Hosting good events that people want to talk about, hopefully on their own website, will help you develop a natural backlink profile when attendees start to document their experience in blogs.

Other tactics include creating your own event hashtag or live broadcasting proceedings using the likes of Periscope, Twitter or Facebook, depending on where your audience hangs out.

Even better, if you have use of an interesting space, it’ll make sure your event memorable.

Get the lowdown on event management

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