Face to FaceTime

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The papers have been covering a number of stories damning social media and suggesting that our use of social networking sites – such as Facebook and Twitter – is making us more anti-social. It’s certainly not something to be made light of, but it’s worth keeping an ounce of perspective on the matter.

Everyone’s been in a situation when a person they’re with is constantly checking their Facebook profile, tweeting a celeb, or checking up on someone. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that another story in Saturday’s Express cited Facebook as a reason for marital break-ups and divorce.

However, I don’t think we should blame Mark Zuckerberg entirely for all this. There’s no doubt that social media has been a huge game changer in the way people interact, but surely the positives outweigh the negatives? It’s also important to bear in mind that it’s people who are choosing to use social media tools so frequently – no one is putting a gun to our head, forcing us to tweet.

Used positively, social media is the key to developing and maintaining contact whether personal or professional, over a long distance or right around the corner. The truth is, there will never be a substitute for face to face interaction. Social networking sites were created to provide users with additional channels of communication, not replacement ones. It’s a clever way for us to stay connected with people who we perhaps otherwise wouldn’t communicate with, whilst remembering that a little bit of face time goes a long way.