Facebook brings Tinseltown to the masses

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untitledSince its launch in 2005, Facebook has become a global giant. With a database of more than 600 million users, it’s a marketer’s dream – and now, surprise, surprise, Hollywood wants a slice of the action.

Warner Bros is to start screening films via the world’s largest social networking site, allowing users to rent or buy films on Facebook. The movie can then be watched on full-screen and viewers will be able to post comments and interact with friends whilst watching it.

The first film available is the studio’s highest grossing movie, The Dark Knight, which already boasts nearly six million ‘likes’ on its fan page. Not only will this latest initiative give consumers yet another way to access films, but it’s a perfect way for Warner Bros to build a relationship directly with fans. Question is: who will be next to jump on the Facebook bandwagon?

The power and reach of Facebook seems to have no limits. As more and more companies cotton on to this online marketing goldmine, will there be anything Facebook can’t offer?