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As I perused the web this morning for my daily dose of the world’s events, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Thankfully, Facebook has made a u-turn on its decision to lift the ban on the horrific and brutal videos of beheadings that have infiltrated social media timelines across the globe.

The social network introduced a temporary ban on the videos last May. However, on Monday, it confirmed that it had reversed the decision on the grounds that the site is used to share information about world events, including terrorist attacks and human rights issues.

It seems that the public backlash and worldwide scrutiny of its dangerously misleading policies over the past 24 hours – including tweets from the likes of David Cameron – has encouraged the company to pull the videos and review the context of its current terms.

We live in a society where adults go to great lengths to keep Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball out of sight from their children. However, little do they know that their inquisitive offspring are only a few clicks away from watching unimaginably disturbing videos.

Believe me, I’m all for freedom of speech and support the social media revolution wholeheartedly. However, in this instance, Facebook has let down its army of loyal users, and abused its power across the web. The site cannot simply relinquish responsibility – taking the view that its users should be ‘free to watch and condemn’ such atrocities is absurd.

The line that divides what is acceptable and what is not is becoming increasingly blurred and needs to be addressed across all social media platforms. The removal of these videos is a good start, and proves the power people have in a making a stand together.  Moving forward, it’s incumbent that Facebook places stricter regulations on its user content regulations. Not in a bid to halt our freedom to share, but to protect the morality and dignity of human beings all around the world.