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Cast your minds back to a time when friends were people we met down the pub, when wearing the same outfit two weekends in a row wasn’t immediately evidenced online and a ‘poke’ was, well, a poke – with no connotations.

B.F. (Before Facebook) was a much simpler time, wasn’t it? It didn’t matter if we were pictured slightly worse for wear on a night out because no-one besides our closest of pals would know about it. And, when a relationship broke down, we wouldn’t have the constant urge to casually check up on/stalk the ex.

As the social networking site approaches its 10th birthday this week, it got me thinking about why we give Facebook a big thumbs up – and thumbs down – and how it is has changed our lives.

Aside from giving us the opportunity to keep in contact with friends half way around the world with the click of a button, it’s also given fledgling businesses a voice. The site is teeming with bespoke cake makers, budding fashion designers and freelance hair stylists who are able to reach out to would-be customers through social media.

But, as much as we adore being ‘friends’ with Facebook, it has its flaws. How many special moments have become a status update even before we had the chance to pick up the phone to tell our nearest and dearest? And will we look back in 15 years’ time and have a huge gap in our family photo albums, because they’re all saved in ‘Mobile Uploads’, or we’ve de-tagged ourselves after a double chin got in the way?

Yes, we all love Facebook – it’s revolutionised the way we communicate and, to a certain extent, the way we do business, but maybe we should hold on to a couple of old-school ways and print off a photograph or two every now and then.

Happy 10th birthday, Facebook – here’s to the next 10!