Father’s Day: Card-selling consumerism or heartfelt holiday?

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Father and son

So, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. Across the nation children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren will be purchasing their carefully chosen presents and cards – Hallmark reports that Father’s Day is the fifth-largest card-sending holiday across the world. But within the flurry of tie buying and sit-down dinners lies the question; ‘is this day of celebration and admiration for our dazzling daddies, perfect pops and oh-so-wonderful old men simply a marketing opportunity for the card companies and gadget shops?’ Is it a ‘Hallmark holiday’, a fake celebration brought to you courtesy of consumerism?

True, Father’s Day does offer the perfect marketing opportunity to companies hoping to cash-in on anything vaguely father related – dad chocolate anyone?! – but without certain companies focussing our attentions towards one specific day of the year, how many of us would be able to find a way to show our fathers how much we appreciated them? I certainly know that I wouldn’t be able to tell my dad exactly how brill he is without writing it in a card, and I suspect a lot of us British, with our stiff upper lip, would agree. So before writing off Father’s Day as an event purely designed to make us buy, buy, buy, stop and think – as long as your dad’s happy, you’re happy, and if card companies or opportunist chocolatiers help the process along, this can be no bad thing.