Festival season is go…

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I think I have finally got over missing Glastonbury last weekend. However, I did feel slightly perkier to hear that the hot weather made it too hot for some – cue happy cackle.

The IOW Festival notwithstanding, Glastonbury is undoubtedly the springboard for a whole summer of festival fun, kicking off the season in full throttle.

Whilst I love a good dance in a field, festival season is also a good opportunity for a bit of PR spotting.

The presence of the National Trust at last weekend’s 40th anniversary was by far the best piece of brand alignment at this year’s festival – contradictory enough to get middle England talking; sensitive enough to charm those music lovers.

I read about this particular news story back in February and over the following few months it has proved to be the story that keeps giving – topped off nicely by the lighting of the National Trust owned Glastonbury Tor (for the first time in festival history).

So it’s hats off to the National Trust PR bods for bringing the tranquillity of the countryside to the heart of the festival. Their outing perfectly combined experiential with the perfect photo opportunity – and a heavily boosted Twitter feed along the way. I for one am sold.  Now where’s my twin set?