Fixing Broken Britain

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David Cameron

It seems this year’s election is getting everyone a bit hot under the collar.  For one thing, the release of the Tory manifesto today has sparked an interesting debate in the Peppermint office. From abuse of the benefits system and British history, through to the economic problems and immigration, everyone has an opinion and it’s favouring the Conservatives.

Since he became the party leader, David Cameron’s PR team has been working overtime to make the Conservatives more appealing to floating voters, young people and disillusioned Labour supporters alike. With much disillusion surrounding the Labour party, people are gravitating towards David Cameron’s no nonsense approach in the hope of fixing ‘Broken Britain’. 

Employing somewhat dirty tactics and slating the opposition hasn’t done their image any harm either.  If anything, it has simply fuelled the fire of discontent with Gordon Brown.

The scrabble for votes is heating up and the Tory manifesto is grounded in hot topics – reducing immigration, sacking MPs for wrongdoing, transparency for Government expenditure and a systematic change to benefits for job seekers – making the potential of their leadership even more attractive.

Whilst they have clearly been advised on what their focus should be in order to win the hearts and minds of the UK, the question that lies around the Tories is how much the content of their manifesto actually matters. Would people vote for them regardless of Cameron’s promises because of their radically altered image and promises to improve the UK?

Their PR team’s hard work is certainly paying off as it’s looking likely there will be a Conservative victory in May. It seems that, despite their epic mistakes in the past – recession, strikes and, dare I say it, the milk debacle – people are ready to go back to the Conservatives with open arms.  

A PR victory? I think so.