Get involved, Liz.

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When I heard the news this week that the Queen – or rather ‘The British Monarchy’ – has joined Facebook, I had mixed feelings.

Of course, Facebook and other social networking sites provide a fantastic level playing field for interaction and often encourage enlightening debates (where else could you find Royals rubbing shoulders with train drivers and secretaries on a daily basis?).

It has to be said, however, that Her Royal Highness doesn’t do much interacting. It’s fairly obvious to see that the Queen’s account is being used as a hi-tech version of the traditional Court Circular, detailing the daily engagements of members of the Royal Family and allowing users to comment on the arrangements. And, boy, have users been commenting.

Some rather unkind remarks have been posted under photos of Mrs Parker-Bowles, and a string of spoof sites have sprung up in the 48 hours since The British Monarchy page went live. One shows Her Madge working in McDonald’s, whilst another has mocked up an image of Lizzie on her throne wearing an Arsenal shirt. Could it be that this reaction, which has been branded as “tasteless” by some observers, is simply an attempt to liven up what is otherwise a pretty dull Facebook page? The page doesn’t provide any real insights into the day-to-day life of the Queen, which – let’s face it – is what we all really want to see.

I’d suggest that, if Queen Liz really does want to be ‘down with the kids’, as her move to join Facebook suggests, her site should be far more interactive and engaging. Imagine if she posted something like: “Egg and chips for tea. Yum. Now one’s going to watch Shameless.” Now that really would be something, wouldn’t it?