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Brands’ Facebook pages are all about engagement – right? Yet, so many choose to use really unengaging cover images. It’s the first thing a user sees, but often appears to be an afterthought. Copy-heavy cover images can look like adverts squashed into a restrictive space. It looks cluttered, salesy and leaves a damaging impression of your brand.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. Yes, you are working to fixed sizes and, yes, you have a lot to say about your brand, but a Facebook cover image doesn’t have to sell it all. It’s not an advert; it’s a place for your brand image – something very different. Brand imagery speaks volumes about how you define yourself and it doesn’t need to say everything.

The purpose of Facebook is for your brand to have conversations with your customers – engaging ones that make people want to share them. You’re selling brand personality, so the cover image needs to be attractive, clever and stand out from the crowd in exactly the same way you’d approach any marketing communications.

We found some great examples of how brands have taken the Facebook cover challenge and made it their own, utilising the space to their advantage and creating clever unity with the profile box and cover photo…




Shoppers-StopThe Simpsons

A couple of dos and don’ts to bear in mind:

1. Check your sizes – there’s nothing worse than a stretched, distorted image
2. Keep right; remember you have a profile box, so lead imagery needs space to be seen
3. Curb the copy – you don’t need to say it all, just enough to get people’s attention
4. Call to action – the cover image is a perfect platform to reference any campaign or the latest brand messages
5. Linking up, using clickable links or hashtags in your cover photo descriptions, is a great way to create social media unity for your brand. Link away.

So if you think your social media imagery needs a rethink, give us a call.

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