Giggs scores an own goal!

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Sport has had its fair share of philanderers. Barely a week goes by without the finger being pointed at yet another love cheat. This week is no exception, with the footballer Ryan Giggs at the centre of it all.

The Giggs affair just goes to show that keeping schtum is not always the best policy. If he’d owned up at the beginning of the saga, what could have been an uncomfortable personal embarrassment might not have turned into a PR catastrophe.

Giggs-gate has, however, opened the debate on two very topical media issues. Firstly, should the rich have the privilege of using superinjunctions to gag the media? There’s an overwhelming consensus that it’s time for elitist injunctions to come to an end. Eight in 10 people questioned in a OnePoll survey have had enough of the ‘one rule for the rich’ aspect of High Court injunctions – a clear message in anybody’s book.

Secondly, will anything now happen to change the nature of free speech on social media sites? Twitter executives have announced that they could be handing over the personal information of users who’ve broken the gagging order – will this make everyone think twice before posting controversial messages?

It’s impractical to police all of the content on social media sites; however, this latest move suggests the legal responsibility for content is firmly being put in the hands of the user, rather than the site itself.

The Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, has warned that those who’ve breached injunctions online could be in for a ‘rude shock’. Only time will tell as to what this will mean for both the individual user and social media sites in the future. Watch this space.