Going, Gaga, Gone!

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As far as PR stunts go, launching an ice cream made from breast milk is pretty daring – if not slightly tasteless. It might not be a great surprise to learn that ‘Baby Gaga’ ice cream has now been taken off the menu less than seven days after its launch.

Last week, London restaurant Icecreamists began selling the dessert – churned with donations from a local mum and served with a rusk and an optional shot of Calpol or Bonjela. This was, understandably, headline-grabbing news. However, whilst Icecreamist founder, Matt O’Connor, claimed there’d been an ‘amazing response’ from customers, Westminster Council decided to remove the product. Council officers wanted to make sure it was ‘fit for human consumption’, following several complaints from members of the public. 

One could argue that the stunt has done its job, with Icecreamists being in the news not once but twice in the last few days. However, surely a stunt that discourages footfall is counterproductive to the overall marketing objective.

Has ‘Baby Gaga’ really done Icecreamists any favours? I for one won’t be stopping off to grab a knickerbocker glory there any time soon and, judging by the response across social media channels, I’m not the only one.