Gordon Brown's roaming Cabinet – PR puffer?

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I don’t know what anyone else thinks – and I’d be keen to know – but in the current economic climate, surely the cost of holding Cabinet ‘out in the community’ is a little much? If this doesn’t smack of a ‘PR stunt’ then I don’t know what does!  And I hate to agree with the Tories.

Gordon Brown wants to show that he’s connected to the people, that he understands their issues and knows, first hand, the local problems.  Well, having a ‘listening’ session and then full Cabinet in Liverpool today seems to me a little over the top.  Apparently, Cabinet meetings ‘out in the community’ – held for the first time since 1921 (for a reason no doubt) – have cost £200,000 so far. Surely that money would be best spent elsewhere?

The only plus that I can see is that Cabinet Ministers will be out and about in the NW this morning, hopefully resulting in a bit of publicity for those honourable charities and organisations trying their best to improve the quality of life for our region’s residents – which should be happening anyway!

I wonder if the ‘listening’ session descends into an audience participation (shouting) session?