Gordon’s gaffe and the danger of being two-faced

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Didn’t you just die a little inside for Gordon Brown when you heard about his monumentally awful gaffe? And then to see it played out ad nauseum across the world’s media.  Mortified just doesn’t come close to describe it.  You just know that those few little words – particularly the bigot one – will haunt him and his party for ever.  And that soon-to-be iconic picture of him, head in his hands, at the Jeremy Vine show. Surely the defining image of his career.

Ok, so we’ve all said things in the privacy of a car that we wouldn’t want repeated in the street, let alone broadcast to the globe via every medium from the BBC to NBC.  But those throwaway words said so much more about the Labour leader’s true sentiments than any number of carefully staged speeches, delivered with that trademark, rictus-like smile.

The whole thing got me thinking about the wider issues of trust and integrity.  Us Peppermints have something of a reputation for being straight-talking and pragmatic.  We don’t like bullshit and we don’t like creating false expectations.  We tell it like it is and often say things that clients don’t want to hear. Sometimes, our straight-talking gets us into trouble. But, unlike Gordon Brown, the people who give us their vote can trust that what we say, we mean.  And, in our industry, that counts for an awful lot.