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The chief marketer behind the iconic ‘I love NY’ campaign has claimed that it’s the greatest brand in the world. A statement of gargantuan proportions and a lot like a line from a boastful press release, but then he would say that, wouldn’t he?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about New York, my mind is filled with everything from nostalgic notions of magical movies to bustling days crammed full of shopping, eating and sightseeing. Having visited the Big Apple three times, most recently during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, I know it has much more to offer than this, but somehow my mind automatically conjures up these stereotypical scenes.

Perhaps that’s the thinking behind the new campaign, which utilised a whopping $60 million budget to produce two 30-second TV adverts, which focus on the state of New York, as opposed to Manhattan. Thanks to Sex and the City (and umpteen other film references), the M word is lodged firmly in our vocabularies and conjures up glamourous notions of Cosmopolitans being sipped by women dripping in designer labels. The very image marketers are now trying to move away from.

The adverts portray New York State as a family skiing holiday destination and liken its scale as being second only to the Rockies. As an avid skier, although admittedly one that solely frequents the European slopes, I am a little embarrassed to confess I didn’t even know you could ski there.

Due to air in the US only, I’m left wondering if the branding gurus behind I Love NY are happy with us Brits maintaining the notion that New York is all about Bloomingdales, hotdogs and the Statue of Liberty.

One thing’s for sure, as brands go, I Love NY packs a short, sharp, sweet punch – it’s memorable, it’s spawned a million and one me-toos and let’s face it, looks great on a T-shirt.