Hair-raising results – that’s the power of PR

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Nanogen Nanofibres

Consumer PR is, at its core, about provoking a reaction. We’re aiming to spark conversation, get a brand noticed and encourage customers to use its services or products.

Success is measured, for the most part, by the coverage we achieve. The feeling of accomplishment, as coverage lands on your desk, is the culmination of a hard slog which every PR is familiar with. However, seeing consumers’ reaction to that coverage is where the real victory lies.

Let’s take for instance, a blog that’s come to our attention discussing coverage we’d secured in Tuesday’s Metro for our client Nanogen.

It seems that Ruel Fox, who posted his thoughts on Hair Loss Talk, was particularly impressed with our – and I quote – ‘full page spread on page three… the second most prominent page of a paper read by almost four million people’.

He appears to be totally flummoxed as to how we’ve managed to secure such a coveted spot and is even questions whether Nanogen paid for it!

I’d like to take this opportunity to confirm to him (and everyone else) that it’s most definitely not paid for advertising, but the fruit of hard work and a fair bit of skill.

What’s really putting a smile on our face though, is Ruel’s description of a receding man sitting opposite to him on the tube, reading the same article and ‘noting down something from the paper in his phone.’ I think we all know what he was planning to buy.

It would appear that the balding man, along with many, many others, have been generating a rather hefty spike on the Boots website over the last few days. Nanogen became the most searched for item on Tuesday, and several of the brand’s products have since sold out. The power of PR strikes again!