Happy Chinese New Year – from the ‘Wonga Man’

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Just occasionally, you’re reminded of what big, imposing personalities can do for a company. Yesterday at the Eazyfone Chinese New Year party, we celebrated with the famous Wonga Man ─ the cult star of the Envirofone adverts.

Worshiped by the staff and other guests alike, his spontaneous shouts of ‘WONGA!’ seemed to lift the spirits of the room in an instant.

With the company ushering in the Chinese year of the rabbit, the evening’s frivolities included a spectacular dancing dragon, never-ending wine and delicious Chinese food ─ but it was Mr Wonga Man who truly grabbed everyone’s attention.

At the end of the evening, Eazyfone staff showed their admiration to the evening’s star in their own unique way. With creativity free-flowing, groups of staff had written, directed and starred in their own Envirofone adverts, along with alarming costumes and Wonga Man masks. Well they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.