Has The Apprentice had its day?

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Is it me, or is The Apprentice getting a little dull?  I watched the programme last night – although I must admit I’ve not seen the whole series – and I felt like I wanted Sir Alan to turn round and sack the lot of them.  The arrogance and childish nature of most of the participants really turns my stomach.  And the thing that I really can’t stand is the bitching and stamping of feet (a bit like Ronaldo not getting his way last night) in the board room!  Then, following the complete character assassination of their competitors, they trot out behind the sacked contestant and it’s all hugs and kisses!  Urrrggghhh – where’s your backbone!

But seriously, is this format going to be churned out year after year?  Surely the BBC could be a little more creative or at least put people in there that demonstrate what an amazing array of young, professional entrepreneurs we have in this country.   Last week Insider highlighted the talent in the NW alone for young professionals.  It’s such a shame that this programme has gone from an interesting business experiment – uncovering entrepreneurs such as Tim Campbell for example – to a ‘chase the ratings’ show, with arrogant and ridiculous participants.