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After reading two stories in as many weeks in the Manchester Evening News about homeless charities needing more help, in the way of food and support, I thought it would be nice to give a plug to The Mustard Tree – a fantastic charity that we wholeheartedly support.

Having regular food, drink and shelter are things that most of us take for granted, so to think of people living on our doorstep without any of those saddens me enormously. The news reported that the numbers were getting so great, that the charities were struggling to cope.

One – Brentwood Day Centre – has made a plea for food supplies, as it can only provide toast and cereal, when a hot meal offers so much more in terms of nutrition and warmth, while boosting general health and well-being.

Comic Relief is also doing its bit to help the homeless this month, with various willing celebs taking to the streets to hand out food parcels. Hopefully, the ‘celeb-factor’ will raise much-needed awareness of the problem and help to create solutions.

The Mustard Tree is a truly inspirational place, based just a stone’s throw from the bustling Northern Quarter, where so many of the Peppermints while away their weekends – eating, drinking and being merry! Its close proximity makes it an even more real, unavoidable, terrifying, and ‘can-happen-to-anyone’ problem.

But, it is one that everybody can give a helping hand to. An extra tin of beans as part of your weekly shop, or a bag of old clothes, would be snapped-up in an instant.

Donating some time to help at the centre, in the kitchen or on the bi-weekly soup run means homeless people living on our region’s streets get a hot meal and a sympathetic ear to offer support and advice – or just a chat.

So, why not give it a go? Don’t leave it up to someone else, as they might just be thinking the same thing…

You can tweet them @themustardtree or contact [email protected].