Here comes the sun…

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Pity the poor Met Office; the term ‘can’t do right for doing wrong’ springs to mind when thinking about the latest row about a misplaced weather forecast.

12 months ago, the Office was under fire for inducing mass hysteria when it announced that 2009 would be a BBQ summer.

This announcement left tills ringing in its wake, as buyers rushed to stock up on garden goods and maxi dresses only to be left with a damp squib of a summer that left our good countrymen huddled under all those newly purchased gazebos.

As a result of last year’s gaffe, the Met has been hesitant to make any predictions this year. Until now, when the team wrongly wrote off the May Bank Holiday as a wet weekend. Now, Visit Cornwall has waded into a full blown row with the Met, furious that overzealous damp weather predictions put off potential holidaymakers in their droves.

Down on the south coast, Bournemouth Council has even set up its own forecasting service after claiming the Met Office cost businesses £1 million in lost trade over the Bank Holiday.

Credit to the teams behind Visit Cornwall and Bournemouth Council PR for piggy-backing on a small story and gaining national exposure in today’s press. But come on guys – isn’t it time to leave the Met office boffins alone?

We all know the likelihood of a summer filled with unbroken blue skies is about as likely as snow in Miami, so let’s stop with the grimacing and do the opposite instead. Sun is predicted this weekend, so I’ll be sure to carry my brolly and then if it does come out to shine – well that’s just an added bonus. Happy BBQ-ing people.