Iceland to the winter heating rescue?

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wooly-jumpersAn Icelandic appeal has delivered thousands of jumpers and other woolies for the elderly in the UK.Concerned (or maybe disgusted) by the state of UK heating bills for older people, two ex-pat Icelandics, now in Sale, Manchester, rallied the population and a major radio station to get their countrymen to donate some winter woolies.

I feel embarrassed and slightly patronised really – god knows how elderly people feel. Iceland is getting a good bit of PR here. I wonder if this is some propaganda to alter British opinion of Iceland following the banking disaster that put much of our public sector and charitable organisations up the proverbial creek without a paddle!

Maybe I’m being a little cynical? What do you think? I just find this sort of thing a little sickly. I’m sure Iceland’s sheep do have lovely wool, but I think the problem is a little deeper than a jumper. The UK has some serious thinking to do about helping older people during the winter months: the state of the pension system is pretty appalling – although don’t get me started on that!