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Mike Banton, managing director at boutique construction specialist Artez shares his thoughts on PR and marketing in construction…


The property industry in Manchester and across the North West is booming and, as a result, there are a lot of players in the market. So, standing out from the crowd isn’t always easy. Since I launched Artez in 2010 we’ve dipped our toes in and out of PR and marketing, and have been working with Peppermint since 2015, when they helped us launch a new website and took over our PR and marketing.


Of course our skills, abilities and reputation ultimately lead to securing contracts, but it’s equally important to brag a little about what we’ve achieved. It’s clear to me, that getting your name out there (and keeping it out there!) does wonders for the order books. We’ve accomplished a lot in the last few years, but what good is it if no-one knows about our achievements?


We want those in the property sector in the region to think of Artez first when they’ve got a project that we’re right for. And that’s most likely to happen if they’re hearing our name and reading about us regularly.


When it comes to the property market there are many pieces to the puzzle on any one project – developers, architects, investors and more – and everyone wants a slice of the pie when it comes to recognition. Unfortunately, as a contractor we’re often further down the chain of command than some of the other ‘players’. We don’t ‘own’ a development in the same way developers and investors do, and our input is often considered less significant that than of the architect, for instance. So, we have to fight a little harder to make sure our name is aligned with the work we do, to ensure we get the credit we deserve.


Having an agency that continually fights our corner and makes sure that we get public praise and acknowledgements for our efforts means that we can concentrate on doing what we do best – creating fantastic buildings!