Internet mickey takers at work – beware!

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Pity the hapless school kids at Fairwater primary school in Cardiff, whose moronic teacher – one Sian Mediana – has been spending up to four hours of lesson time (a day!!) surfing the internet .   The mind boggles at the sheer brazenness of the woman.

While Sian was leisurely whiling away the hours looking at Friends Reunited and trading items on eBay, her pupils were left unattended, unengaged and, most gallingly, uneducated.   An extreme case, perhaps. But there are, I fear, hordes of equally disinterested, ethically bankrupt employees up and down the country who think nothing of using their time at work to trawl the internet.  As an employee, this always got my back up: as an employer, it now makes me seethe.

There’s absolutely no room in any organisation for people who take the piss at their employer’s expense. Thank goodness Fairwater primary school finally saw fit to give Sian the boot – though not before receiving a computer printing bill for £11,000.   I wonder how many other employees are, at this very minute, hitting that minimise button when their boss happens to walk by?